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Luxury Skincare products for the man who understands that his personal  grooming, and appearance are vital to his professional and personal success. If we were to describe our philosophy, it would be a blend of luxury wrapped in simplicity. Our products are Bold, Stylish and Sophisticated. Our design, packaging and branding is an unapologetic statement of our intention to provide affordable luxury body and skin care products for the discerning individual.

Urban Clothing Brand

Been there, done that, branded the t-shirt... Working with us, you’ll soon start to view Cool Branding as a valuable extension of your fashion and design team.

We quickly get to fully understand your business, the marketplace in which you operate, and the way you want to interact with your customers or clients.

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Cool People Awards

The Cool People Awards partners with cool brands and people from business, sports, film, and the arts to celebrate the remarkable achievements of numerous unsung Heroes who have made a major impact on the lives of others in work, business, sport or in the community.

The Awards night will be an uplifting and inspiring occasion on which we will acknowledge & award the ultimate accolades to these dynamic role models, who are simply everyday people from all walks of life, doing extraordinary exploits.

The finals will take place at the Ritz Hotel, Mayfair, London and will be a glittering themed event with cool people, cool brands, experts, and luminaries coming together for a fantastic evening of celebrations, networking, food, drink, music and entertainment. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charities to be named.

14 Million Streams

With over 14,000,000 people listening to our online content Smoothe Mixx has become a powerfully effective, easy and enjoyable method for training the mind to enable our listeners to replicate the thinking patterns of those astonishing individuals that lead rather than follow, and win rather than waver.

Smoothe Mixx© has transformed the spoken word & music into a powerful tool for personal development. Since the dawn of thought, it has been the dream of the aspiring to achieve the supreme state of mind that only

the leading, winning and the brilliant come to experience. Men and women of science have kept this dream alive

for centuries, exploring the visual, kinaesthetic and auditory pathways of the human body, in a relentless pursuit for the ultimate solution.

At Smoothe Media we create audios that help you to develop optimum mental performance and also train your mind for permanent improvements in intelligence, focus and overall cognition.

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