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Known as the Cool Branding Guy, Roy is founder of the Just Cool Brand. He is an #1 Amazon / Itunes Author, Publisher, Speaker and Branding Consultant.

Roy is CEO & founder of Smoothe Media, a cutting edge audio production and publishing company which leverage's leading edge technologies to drive personal development and business performance improvements.

Roy creates world-class projects and high-impact initiatives that improve the way people live, learn, work and do business. He believes fashion, music, and personal development are always changing and morphing into something that you can apply to personal and business branding.

As a speaker and presenter Roy’s speeches, workshops, seminars and the Smoothe Mixx motivational messaging have been used effectively in programs for business and enterprise, personal development, self esteem, developing confidence, and also enhancing elite sports performance.

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"Roy created the most powerful communication tool of the 21st Century. His service is outstanding. His creativity is tremendous.

"Jim Rohn:  Chairman -

"Creates an awesome listening experience, it's a fantastic training and memory tool.

"Denis Waitley:  CEO -

"Roy's is a fantastic concept it has the ability to motivate, educate and develop individuals at all levels from trainee to chief executive.

"Phil Edwards: Managing Director SERCO PLC - Home affairs.

"Roy is a cool guy to do business with. It’s a fantastic concept; it takes the Brand Evolution message to another level. It’s amazing how they took our one day seminar and condensed the most critical information

into a program which is both entertaining and educational. We are sending it to the UK’s FT 100 CEO’s and Corporate Executives.

"BJ Cunningham:  CEO - Brand Evolution

"Roy...... This is a great idea with lots of potential, very creative and very innovative.

Lord Karan Bilimoria:  Chairman - Cobra Beer

“The Inspired Leaders Network focus is on business transformation, leadership and corporate strategy, bound together with a compelling philosophy founded on my own board-level experience.

Roy's concept is a great way to engage our target audience and hold their attention.

"Rene Carayol:  CEO – Inspired Leaders Network

"That was a great - highly entertaining speech Roy. It was so different we never expected anything like it. our customers and partners were given a treat.

We have confirmed we would like you back to give a presentation at the next event.

"Senior Executive: HP Compaq -USA

 "Enjoyed doing business with Roy. On a personal level he is quite a funny guy, great to deal with, and a professional

"IBM Senior Executives    

"The event we attended organized by Roy was superb. I had a great time it was one of the best of it's kind I have been to."

Senior Executive: British Airways  

"Roy's commitment and persistence is admirable.... Great personal Branding"

Senior Executive: Coca-Cola Enterprises  

"Roy is an excellent communicator, popular with people of all walks of life. His enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on all those around him.

I have always been impressed with his willingness to tackle difficult tasks and his determination to develop a brand and get results.

"Managing Director: Envy

"Roy is the real thing, positive, persistent a real nice guy. Fun to work with, highly competent - he knows his stuff.

"Marketing Director: Toshiba

"Roy I must thank you - your input to helping the company find the best way forward has been invaluable.

"London Palladium "Where you get your energy and determination I don't know. What you have done for the company is fantastic"

Marketing Director: O2

"It’s all ways a pleasure to talk with him. Roy’s personable manner won us over; the company would not have won the order or had a look in had it not been for

Roy’s pleasant persistence backed up by the quality product and service.

"Senior Executive: GlaxoSmithKline

"Great speaker, Influential with our prospects and customers, he has a great ability to build relationships with all levels from Chief Executives down to middle management

on both a domestic and international level. A dynamic personality, a tenacious character, he is a positive influence to all who he comes into contact with.

"Vice President Marketing: Commontime

"Over the time I have known Roy he has been a great person to deal with, his confidence and determination combined with his great personality has impressed me.

After talking to Roy you always come away with great information and a big smile.

"Senior Management: Dixons Retail PLC

"In a world where everyone is competing for people’s mindspace Roy is streets ahead in his effectiveness.

Karl George:  CEO - Kigss

"The service is excellent; Roy gets the desired results. Anyone who needs to communicate their message with style & creativity needs to look into this.

"Harun Rabanni:  CEO – GIS Sales Club

"Brilliant, its one of the most effective ways to establish entrepreneurial thinking in to the minds of the students who are studying business.

Today’s young generations are showered with information.  The way Roy prresents his program makes it easy to remember.

Regional Manager:  Young Enterprise West Midlands

"It’s a great brand name, it’s a great idea, and it has plenty of potential."

Ruth Badger:  The Apprentice - runner up

“The kids love him; they had so much fun working with Roy. He created and branded the whole thing which made the whole program great listening.

Even the parents are enjoying it."

Andy Townsend:  Headmaster

“Roy's Smoothe Mixx Brand is Awesome, it takes the message to another level, it is culturally relevant, and the production was great.

The concept fitted in perfectly with the worlds leading artists.”

Marcus Dawson: General Manager – Dexterity Sounds

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