The price of Cool Branding is never cheap,

and in certain situations it is unthinkable.

But to achieve the visibility your brand requires,

it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.

Something dawned on me several years ago... I noticed that the most successful businesses weren’t just the best marketers… they also had very strong branding that influenced literally every aspect of their messaging. These “brands” were experiencing increased client acquisition, organic traffic, higher email open rates, and conversions... All because they managed to bring the cool factor into their branding as the secret sauce for their marketing efforts.

Roy Smoothe ~ The Cool Branding Guy

About The Cool Branding Agency

Our Cool Branding Agency develops and builds Cool brands for businesses and individuals. We launch clients through all media verticals, including radio, television, publishing and the web by tapping our wide range of strategic relationships to build and enhance awareness, distribution and sponsorship revenue. Our clients have gone on to become brand leaders, appear on nationally syndicated TV & radio and developed international followings.

We are simply brilliant when it comes to creating a unique differentiated brand identity that will set you apart from the crowd. We help you deliver your message across all social media platforms and we position and package you strategically to get you the most attention out of traditional and digital media. Our greatest value is that we will help you turn your brand into a great business. To get ahead in the market place, you have to give your target audience something they haven't seen or heard before.

What do you do that's different?

What makes you stand out?

What's is your Cool factor?

By branding and positioning you the right way (and providing training and development), we put your differentiating factor at the forefront, letting you build and capitalize your brand to create long-term success.

We are not a PR or talent agency. And we don't just "consult" We work. We handpick individuals and businesses we want to work with, and who want to grow their brand and product profile. We act as a creative business development partner. We do work alongside leading talent agencies, management groups, production companies, and PR firms throughout the industry. This delivers a wide range of relationships designed to enhance brand awareness, distribute products, and create sponsorship revenue.

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