30 Million listeners, learning to Dream more, Do more and Be more by listening to Smoothe Mixx online... WHY? Because they keep moving forward opening new doors and doing new things. Because they are curious and curiosity keeps leading them down new paths. Because the Smoothe Mixx brand motivates and inspires them to go after their dreams and gives them the faith & courage to pursue them.

Something dawned on me several years ago. I noticed that the most successful businesses weren’t just the best marketers.They also had very strong branding that influenced literally every aspect of their messaging. These “brands” were experiencing increased client acquisition, organic traffic, higher email open rates, and conversions... All because they managed to bring the cool factor into their branding as the secret sauce for their marketing efforts.

My secret sauce is a mix of fashion, music and personal development.

Roy Smoothe ~ The MusiCool Branding Guy